82 years after Prohibition, government still addicted to telling us what to do

December 5 is the anniversary of the ratification of the 21st amendment which repealed federal  prohibition of alcoholic beverages. Prohibition was ushered in by the 18th amendment, since back then people understood that a Constitutional amendment was the only way to amend the Constitution.

The 21st amendment gave state and local governments authority to regulate alcohol. While state regulation is  certainly better than a complete federal ban, state and local regulations can be as anti-liberty and pro-cronyism as federal regulators. For example, in my home state of Pennsylvania beer and wine can only be purchased at a distributor, whereas liquor must be purchased at a liquor store.

Buzzfeed has complied a list of Seven of the Craziest Drinking laws in America, including a Utah law forcing bartenders to prepare drinks behind an "iron curtain"; a Kentucky law allowing pharmacies to sale wine and liquor but forbidding grocery stores from doing so; and a Texas law forcing micobrewers to pay distributors to market their products to bars and restaurants.

Obamacare's menu labeling regulations will also affect your choice of beers. Starting next December, the nanny statists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will start enforcing a regulation forcing restaurants to offer "full nutritional information" on all the beers they have on tap.

Complying with the new rule will not be a problem for the major beer companies. Complying with the regulations, however, will be very difficult for craft brewers that, as the name suggests "craft" a variety of beers. This new regulation would force their small business to  test each different type of beer they make. Since these tests can cost more than $600 a piece, this will obliviously be a great financial burden to the craft brewers.

Alcohol is also a popular target of taxaholic politicians. These politicians hide their desire for more revenue behind pious talk about the need to "discourage" drinking. So-called junk foods are also a popular target, even though research shows these laws are ineffective at changing people's habits. 

Another example of modern prohibition is the FDA's war on raw milk. Campaign for Liberty is leading the effort to protect your right to drink raw milk, and other beverages, without government harassment. Please support our efforts.


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