Will Spotsylvania Supervisors Throw Taxpayers a Curveball?

Dear Patriot, I wanted to thank you for the liberty victory last Tuesday night at the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors meeting. As you know, consultants and special interest groups were trying to sneak through a risky $42 million loan for [...]

It’s Election Season. Do You Know Where the Candidates Stand?

Are you tired of not knowing where candidates really stand on critical liberty issues? Campaign season is upon us, and we’ve all heard the political rhetoric that comes with it. Many of our legislators have gotten comfortable spewing [...]

ACTION ALERT: Call your legislators NOW!‏

Dear Virginia Campaign for Liberty Activist, The Virginia Legislature is considering legislation to allow radical left-wing progressives, like billionaires George Soros and anti-gun Michael Bloomberg, to tamper with the U.S. [...]

UPDATE: Con-Con Debacle Vote Today?

Dear Activist, Don't ever believe calling your elected officials is a waste of time! Because of your efforts, the Virginia House adjourned on Friday without voting on HJ 497 & HJ 499, the dangerous plans calling for an Article V [...]

UPDATE: Team Obama is supporting this?

Unfortunately, the bills calling for a disastrous constitutional convention have now passed out of committee. These bills could come up for a vote at any time! As I have said, our Constitution could be shredded if the bills calling for an [...]

Rising Tide on Virginia Beach Taxpayers?

Dear Patriot, “I’ll be the first to admit that light rail is not going to reduce congestion.” That’s what Virginia Transportation Secretary - and chief light rail apologist - Aubrey Layne said about extending the Norfolk Tide to the [...]

Sneaking, peeking, and creeping

The surveillance state is out of control, and it’s about to get worse. The General Assembly is seeking to give local and state authorities the same sweeping search-and-seize powers used by federal authorities under the so-called “Patriot [...]

Senate Leadership is resorting to threats on Con Con‏

Dear Supporter, Don’t let those in Richmond tell you your calls aren’t working. We’ve heard directly from one of our sources in Richmond, and you are having an effect. Twice now, the vote in the Senate on an Article V [...]

Con-Con Debacle Vote Today?

The bills applying for a dangerous Article V Convention could be voted on TODAY! It’s critical you take action immediately to stop these bills in the General Assembly – the vote could come at any time! You can find your State [...]

Team Obama Supporting This?

A former adviser to the Obama campaign is behind the push for an Article V Convention. Yes, you heard that right. Lawrence Lessig, former adviser to the Obama campaign, is on the board of multiple efforts to call for a constitutional [...]