Back Door Attempt to Pass CISA

Do you remember CISA? It’s the bill that rewards companies that give your private data over to the government—the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA.

The Intelligence Committees are trying to “quarterback sneak” the bill to President Obama's desk before the end of the year. One congressman can stop this trick play.

Call Rep. Michael McCaul and ask him to stand strong for privacy. 202-225-2401

Different versions of this cyber surveillance bill passed in both the House and the Senate. They’re supposed to negotiate an agreement in the New Year.  That’s how Congress is expected to handle controversial bills.

But we’ve just learned that the Intelligence Committees are trying to pull a fast one. They’ve been negotiating in secret and came up with a Frankenstein bill—that has some of the worst parts from both the House and the Senate versions.

The bill:

1) Reduces privacy protections
2) Expands “cyber threat" in favor of prosecuting non-cyber crimes
3) Expands liability protection
4) Reverses DHS – civilian side – as lead for information sharing
5) Gets rid of directive to ensure data integrity

They’re pressuring the chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee to bless the new language so they can sneak this cyber surveillance bill in before the end of the year.

Chairman McCaul is critical. He has the power to object to this maneuver. He needs to know we’re paying attention. Please call now. 202-225-2401

Look, cyber information sharing is a bad idea. We’ve asked you to do a lot, but with your help we’ve actually improved these proposals somewhat. Now they’re trying to undo all we’ve worked for.

They’re trying to take advantage of us and we need you right now.

They’re hoping you’re bored. They’re hoping you’re ready for the holidays. They’re hoping you don’t care. I’m hoping you’re pissed off.

P.S. This part is wonky. The Senate passed CISA, but the House actually passed two bills. A conference committee in the New Year is supposed to combine all three bills. Chairman McCaul is so important because he wrote one of the three bills. If he stands strong, this snap play will fail. Call Rep. McCaul 202-225-2401 and tell him to object this new language!

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