It's a terrible time for a con con!

I am writing to you today about an issue of grave concern to me . . . an issue that could set the liberty movement and our country back decades or worse. Campaign for Liberty told you recently about dangerous bills applying for an Article V [...]

Yours For the Taking

The 2016 elections will soon -- thankfully -- come to an end. But what will happen to your liberty after the newly elected are sworn in? Regardless of the outcome for the candidates in your area, you can most certainly count on the [...]

URGENT: Civil Forfeiture Vote Coming

Nebraska’s civil asset forfeiture bill, L.B. 1106, has passed the Judiciary Committee and is expected to be debated on the floor very soon! Civil forfeiture laws create a perverse incentive for police to target and seize property INSTEAD of [...]

Stop ObamaCare in Nebraska

Some legislators in Nebraska just can’t seem to take no for an answer. Sources at the capital are telling me that ObamaCare stooges – like Senator Kathy Campbell and Senator John McCollister – are mounting an effort to force ObamaCare [...]

Oppose the Con in Nebraska

I’m afraid I have some bad news to report. The Nebraska state legislature is being targeted by powerful, well-financed insiders, who are determined to “revise” the U.S. Constitution at an Article V Constitutional Convention. I need [...]

ObamaCare expansion is NOT free

This is getting serious. L.B. 1032, the bill that will expand ObamaCare in Nebraska, is expected to come up for debate and a vote on the Senate floor soon. Supporters of this bill grossly underestimated the real cost of expanding. The [...]

Nebraska Republicans Embracing ObamaCare

Senators Kathy Campbell and John McCollister are STILL trying to push ObamaCare expansion (L.B. 1032) on Nebraska citizens. And the bad news is more Senators appear to be caving to pressure this year than previous sessions. You see, [...]

Senator Kathy Campbell Sponsors ObamaCare Bill... AGAIN

Last week, the Health and Human Services Committee advanced LB472, the Medicaid Redesign Act, which would expand ObamaCare in Nebraska. That’s right – the legislature is considering shoving ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion down the throats [...]