Virginia: Medicaid Expansion Sneak Attack?

I wanted to give you more detail on why it’s so vital you contact your state senator and delegate immediately to stop ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion!

With the surprise resignation of Senate Democrat Phil Puckett this week, the logjam that’s been holding back the budget has broken free.

And unless you and I act to stop them, Virginia Republicans could be giving Terry McAuliffe the authority he needs to unilaterally adopt ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion.

Here’s how:

Tucked away in the budget language lies a provision many believe would give Governor McAuliffe the authority to expand Medicaid.

On page 262, line 9 of HB5002, the supposedly “clean” budget reads:

"There is hereby appropriated sums sufficient non-general funds for such cost as may be incurred to implement coverage for newly eligible individuals pursuant to 42 U.S.C. §1396 d (y)(1) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act."

Senator Dick Black, Delegate Mark Berg, Delegate Bob Marshall, and others have warned this provision could provide the funds and authority for Governor McAuliffe to add Virginians to Medicaid.

This provision could hand Governor McAuliffe all the power he needs while allowing politicians to wash their hands and claim “they fought the Governor tooth and nail” on the campaign trail.

So please, contact your state senator and delegate immediately and demand they remove any provision from the budget that could allow Governor McAuliffe to adopt ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion – and oppose any other attempt to grant the Governor’s wish.

You can find their contact information here.

After last night’s surprise defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, it’s clear just how serious grassroots conservatives and libertarians are about stopping the runaway Big Government train.

And you better believe Big Government Republicans in the Virginia legislature are feeling the heat right now and want to avoid getting “Cantor’d” at the ballot box.

So it’s critical, while all eyes are on the Virginia grassroots, that you make your voice loudly, clearly, and quickly heard in defiance of subjecting Virginians to lower quality health care and fewer options.

Time is running out, as the Virginia Senate meets Thursday at 5pm, and the House is expected to pass whatever the Senate does shortly after.

Please don’t delay.  Contact your state senator and delegate immediately!

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