Ron Paul statement on Reed Larson

Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul issued the following statement on the passing of Reed Larson, former President of the National Right to Work Committee:

"All Americans who value liberty owe a debt to Reed Larson. In his almost half-a-century of leadership of the National Right to Work Committee, Reed demonstrated that one can make a difference by sticking to principle.

When he became involved with the National Right to Work Committee in the fifties, the idea that someday the majority of states would have right to work laws seemed like a pipe dream. Today, thanks to Reed's years of dedication and hard work, that pipe dream has become a reality. Under his leadership, the National Right to Work Committee has also stopped numerous attempts to pass legislation which would have further restricted worker freedom at the federal level.

Unlike many in the free-market movement, Reed never betrayed or watered-down his principles in order to curry favor with the Republican establishment.  The Right to Work Committee remains one of the few pro-liberty organizations that is just as hard on Republicans, including some so-called conservatives, as it is on Democrats.

Reed also helped to grow the liberty movement by hiring young people with a passion for freedom and helped to train them to effectively advance the cause. Many of the best people I have worked with, including Campaign for Liberty President Norman Singleton, got their start with the National Right to Work Committee.

My wife Carol and I send our thoughts and prayers to Reed's family and his many friends."


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