Every week there are new stories or statistics about how ObamaCare is straining family budgets, destroying American health care, and further eroding our already fragile economy.

Insurance rates are skyrocketing, doctor networks are shrinking, and wait times are on the rise.

In many cases, those whom ObamaCare was intended to help are the ones struggling the most - and it’s about to get worse.

A new ObamaCare excise tax will cost $500 per year for insured individuals and $700 per year for families - and this applies to everyone who purchases insurance, regardless of whether they acquire their policies privately or through an ObamaCare exchange.

According to Red State, as a result of the much talked about “Cadillac Tax,” those who have “high-end” health insurance provided by their employer will be penalized $1,200 per year should they opt to include their spouse on their plans. Thanks to inflation, the definability of “high-end” health insurance will expand every year and eventually impact the majority of American workers!

Just those two examples alone will cost the average American family the equivalent of three-months worth of groceries.

And as if the taxes aren’t bad enough, insurance premiums continue to escalate, with some insurers again seeking increases of up to 50%.

For the first time in our history, the average monthly rent in America now exceeds 30% of income nationwide. In some locations, it’s nearly 50% of income. Now consider that the true cost of health insurance, once government subsidies are removed, often exceeds the cost of rent. It’s simply unsustainable.

To be sure, government meddling in the health care marketplace is not new, and while ObamaCare has made the situation much worse, the market has been distorted since the 1940’s. That’s when government first insinuated itself into health care, causing prices to inflate and leaving many Americans short on their ability to afford it.

Federal intervention in health care has never made the situation better for Americans; rather, it has bloated the bureaucracy, wreaked havoc on the federal budget, limited personal choice, and wrecked family budgets.

ObamaCare is corporatized health care, demanding citizens utilize particular, government-sanctioned services to the exclusion of other services individuals might prefer. Americans are no longer at liberty to determine what coverage they need or where their health care dollars will go. They’re forced to pay for specific treatment coverage, even if that treatment is not in line with their preferred method.

RPHealthQuoteWhile the Supreme Court should have overturned the poorly written law, it should now be clear that Americans can’t count on the federal government to police itself.

While fighting for full repeal at the national level is a necessary and worthy endeavor, the onus is squarely on the states to step in to protect their citizens before it’s too late.

Campaign for Liberty state groups have led the charge against ObamaCare at the state level since the law passed. The efforts of C4L’s grassroots played an integral role in thwarting ObamaCare Exchanges in 32 states. Currently, the focus of our state operations team is on stopping ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion in the states that have not adopted it, and pushing for repeal in those that have.

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