Swords Into Plowshares Playlist: Part Two

Here is part two of the Swords Into Plowshares playlist.

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Chapter Eleven: "A Unilateral Declaration of Peace"

Song: "Brings the Boys Home" by Freda Payne

Fans of late sixties-early seventies R&B  will enjoy this very moving song. Like many of the songs on the playlist, "Bring the Boys Home" focuses on the simple desire of the families of those sent off to needless wars that the troops come home.

Listen to "Bring the Boys Home" here.

Chapter Twelve: "Strong Leaders and Foreign Affairs"

Song: "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" by Pete Seeger

A classic folk song that uses the story of troops stuck "waist deep in the big muddy" because of their commanding officer's incompetence as an analogy for President Lyndon Johnson's policy of gradually escalating US involvement in Vietnam.

This song gained notoriety in the sixties when CBS refused to air a pre-recorded performance of the song on the "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour."

Listen to "Waist Deep in the Big Muddy" here.

Chapter Thirteen: "War Cliches, Miscalculations, and Tragic Consequences"

Song: "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" by The Pogues

Cover version of a 1971 song about a young man who lost his leg in the Battle of Gallipoli during the First World War. The song also reflects on the death of other veterans, and the apathy shown by too many to the costs of war as the politicians plot the next war.

Listen to "And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda" here.

Chapter Fourteen: "Drone Warfare"

Song: "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath 

A heavy metal classic that those of my generation will appreciate. These song is a strong attack on the politicians and all those"Evil minds that plot destruction."

Listen to "War Pigs" here.

 Chapter Fifteen: "Suicide Terrorism"

Song: "Lives in the Balance" by Jackson Browne

A critique of the US foreign policy from 1986 that received renewed attention following the Iraq war when a live version was released.

Listen to "Lives in the Balance" here.

Chapter Sixteen: "The Dictators"

Song: "The Fletcher Memorial Home" by Pink Floyd

One of my favorites. Instead of letting the world's "leaders" continually take our liberties and send young people to die why not put them in  a special home and let them play their war games with each other?

Only problem with the song is it's list of world leaders is somewhat outdated.

Listen to "The Fletcher Memorial Home" here.

Chapter Seventeen: "Isolationism v. Non-interventionism"

Song: "I Ain't Marching Anymore" by Phil Ochs

Back to folk songs, the title says it all.

Listen to "I Ain't Marching Any More" here.

Chapter Eighteen: "Suicide" by America's Veterans

Song: "One" by Metallica

Back to heavy metal. "One" is based on the movie/novel Johnny Got his Gun which deals with a solider who loses all his limbs and his ability to communicate with the outside world, except by Morse code. The video incorporates clips from the movie to make it one of the most powerful (and creepy) anti-war music videos ever.

Listen to "One" here.

Chapter Nineteen: "Making America Safe for Empire"

Song: "One Tin Soldier" by Coven

Fans of 1970's Kung Fu action movies may recognize this song from the movie Billy Jack. This song tells the story of a war launched by the valley people against the mountain people in order to obtain the mountain people's treasure.

Unfortunately, too many in DC take the song's chorus of "go ahead and hate your neighbor,go ahead and cheat a friend" as career advice.

Listen to "One Tin Solider" here.

Chapter Twenty: "Diplomacy, Not Compromise, in Foreign Policy"

Song: "Give Peace a Chance" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono 

A classic anti-war anthem from the ex-Beatle and his wife.

Listen to "Give Peace a Chance" here. 

Chapter Twenty-One: "The Revolution's Potential" 

Song: "Peace Train" by Yusaf Islam

The playlist concludes with a hopeful anethem from the former Cat Stevens.

Listen to "Peace Train" here.

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