A shame?

"I think it'd be a shame to let these authorities expire . . . We should extend these authorities." ~Sen. Lindsey Graham

After more than a year of grandstanding about the Deep State’s spying abuses, Senator Graham just made it abundantly clear where he stands on domestic surveillance programs that target law-abiding Americans.

This battle is about to go white hot.

If history is any guide, they’ll wait to the last possible moment to RAM THROUGH extension or some SHAM REFORM of the so-called “USA Freedom Act” to keep the Deep State’s spying powers going as close to full blast as they can.

But I’m counting on you to act right away.

With the clock quickly ticking down on the March 15 deadline for renewal, inside sources are saying Senator Graham and a cabal of Deep State lackeys in the Washington, D.C. “Swamp” are about to launch their all-out assault.

Sadly, Attorney General William Barr, in outright defiance of the president, is leading the effort to strong-arm senators and congressmen in voting for the Deep State’s domestic spying programs they’ve proven they’ll abuse.

That’s why I need you to sign your emergency END DEEP STATE SURVEILLANCE petition right away.

The truth is, Barr pioneered bulk data collection as Attorney General under the first George Bush.

That’s a huge reason why Campaign for Liberty opposed William Barr’s confirmation when he was nominated by President Trump for
Attorney General.

Now he’s desperate to ensure the Deep State keeps the overwhelming majority of their domestic spying powers.

In fact, today, Barr announced he’d brought on a new Chief of Staff -- a third generation Deep Stater at the Department of Justice and former Senate staffer with deep ties on Capitol Hill -- it appears to help muscle renewal through Congress.

With expiration of the so-called “USA Freedom Act” -- the crown jewel of the Surveillance State’s domestic spying powers -- rapidly approaching on March 15, this may be our best chance ever to strike a death blow against the surveillance state.

And I’m more confident than ever this is a fight you and I can ultimately win.

But I can’t sugar coat it -- we’re going toe-to-toe with a cabal of tied-at-the-hip Deep State pals in BOTH parties’ congressional leadership and Attorney General Barr doing the Deep State’s bidding.

That’s why I’m counting on liberty-loving patriots like you to deluge senators and congressmen under a tidal wave of petitions at once.

So please, sign your emergency END DEEP STATE SURVEILLANCE petition AT ONCE and ask your friends and family to do so as well!


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