Be Afraid...Be Very Afraid...Congress is Back

Congress is back...

The House of Representatives comes back from its long August recess  district work period on Tuesday.

Among the legislation the House will consider is the Stop Settlement Slush Funds Act (HR 5083). This act stops the Justice Department from forcing individual and businesses facing federal charges to make payments to private groups as a part of a settlement.

Surprisingly, most of the groups befitting from these  settlements are organizations that work to advance government power, so this is a shakedown by government agencies in order to get increased support for their allies (and future employers?).

The House will also consider two bills (HR 5424 and HR 2357) changing financial regulations to (hopefully) make it easier for investors.

The House will also consider a number of bills on suspension including:

1. HRes 660-- This resolution affirms the territorial integrity of Georgia. Good thing Congress is working protect Georgia from Florida..oh its not that Georgia...

The resoluteness calls on the Untied States to further engage in "joint military training and providing self-defensive capabilities in order to enhance Georgia's independent statehood and national sovereignty."

The resolution is the latest example of how many in DC are determined to spend American treasure on Cold War Two.

Those tempted to dismiss this as just a resolution should consider how the war party used a series of Congressional regulations in the 90's to make the case for the Iraq war, and we all know how well that turned out...

Those tempted to vote for this resolution should ask themselves: Where is the US Government empowered to go about the world seeking monsters to destroy? And, when has US meddling in the name of promoting "democracy and human rights" not made the situation worse?

Shouldn't Congress be looking to cut spending on overseas interventions?

2. H.Res. 634-- another resolution encouraging more foreign intervention; this time supporting the trilateral relationship between the US, Japan, and South Korea to reign in North Korea. The resolution calls on more joint military exercises.

In other words, the so-called fiscally Conservative Congress wants the US taxpayer to continue to subsidize the defenses of Japan and South Korea.

3.  HR 4481-- The Education for All Act-- with a name like that you know it is bad...

This bill requires the US Government to spend taxpayer money to promote "quality education" in developing countries (because the federal government has done such a great job of promoting quality education in America).

Maybe they can spread common core around the globe.

4. HR 5537-- Digital Global Access Act...makes spreading internet access -- and protecting cyber security -- goals of US foreign policy. Civil libertarians should be concerned about giving the US Government new authority to work with foreign governments on cyber security.

5. HR 2845-- This act requires the State Department to make information on the implementation of the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) available online.

It also requires the President to provide training for business on AGOA programs and benefits, as well as provide capacity building for African entrepreneurs and trade associations, promote product diversification and value-added processing, and help businesses and institutions comply with U.S. counter-terrorism initiatives and policies.

6. HR 5578-- Survivors Bill of Rights. Creates certain rights for survivors of sexual assault, including the right to not be charged for a forensics examination. It also creates a new grant program for states to notify sexual assault survivors of the new federal rights.

Good intention but it's completely unconstitutional, adds to federal debt, and is another step toward nationalization of law enforcement, which is a danger to liberty.

To end on a positive note, Congress will be considering at least one major pro-liberty piece of legislation this week:

7. HR 4245-- To exempt importation and exportation of sea urchins and sea cucumbers from licensing requirements under the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

LIBERTY (for those who went to import and export sea urchins and sea cucumbers) IS ON THE MARCH!!!!!

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