C4L Letter to the Hill

The following letter was sent today from Campaign for Liberty President John Tate to House and Senate GOP Members urging them to oppose raising taxes:

On behalf of over half a million Campaign for Liberty grassroots activists across the country, I urge you to stand up for fundamental, common-sense principles and oppose any tax increase on the American people during this lame-duck session of Congress.

Based on a few disturbing comments in the media recently, it has become apparent some Republican members of Congress are seriously considering breaking solemn promises made to their constituents by raising taxes.  Such a decision in this weakened economy would be a disastrous one.

Washington has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.  The only way to increase government revenues is through cutting government spending, removing onerous and burdensome regulations, and creating an economic environment that unleashes the entrepreneurial spirit of the American people.  Economic growth will increase government revenues more than any tax hike on the American people, particularly a punitive tax on higher earners.

Some have suggested that closing loopholes or eliminating deductions in the tax code are suitable ways to “increase government revenues.”  These are only tax increases by another name. While direct handouts of government funds are certainly subsidies that conservatives should all be opposed to, allowing individuals to simply keep more of their income is not.

Although much of the conversation currently focuses on higher earners (though we couldn’t pay off our debt even if government confiscated all their income), any tax increase is a foot in the door to taking more from all tax-paying Americans.

Again, on behalf of Campaign for Liberty’s grassroots activists across the country, I urge all members of the Republican Party in Congress to stand on principle and oppose any higher taxes on the American people.

In Liberty,

John Tate


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