Congress is Coming for Your Currency

Congress is working to implement a "Central Bank Digital Currency" (CBDC) scheme to destroy what little is left of your financial privacy.

A CBDC would give the government unprecedented control over your money and your freedom.

They want a new "digital dollar" they can track, and if necessary, seize from you.

We've seen various pieces of legislation to push the implementation of the "digital dollar" forward already.

For example, Reps. Bill Foster (D-IL) and French Hill (R-AR) introduced H.R. 2211, which instructs the Federal Reserve to "conduct research on, design, and develop Central Bank Digital Currency."

But sources on Capitol Hill tell us there's new CBDC legislation in the works, and it appears they want to rush it through before the public finds out about it.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported there is a group of lawmakers, including the very same Rep. French Hill and hard left demagogue Maxine Waters (D-CA) pushing to vote on legislation as soon as this month.

They're trying to develop this bill in secrecy - and they loudly protest when called out on it.

Last week, after we sent an email to our supporters in Rep. Hill's district calling attention to the media report and Hill's support for a CBDC, a Campaign for Liberty supporter reached out to us to convey her conversation with Hill's office. She was told Rep. Hill does not support a CBDC.

Shortly after, we got a phone call from Rep. Hill's staffer.

He was very upset, claimed the article was not true, and denied Rep. Hill ever supported a CBDC. . .

But as mentioned above, Hill is a primary sponsor of H.R. 2211, which calls for the development of a CBDC.

Not only that, but on January 20, 2022, Rep. Hill put out a press release, which was still posted on his website as of the time of this writing*, expressing his disappointment with the Federal Reserve for delaying "its important work on CBDCs" and insisting "America must not fall behind."

*We have a screenshot in the event it is removed.

It appears French Hill (202-225-2506), who serves on the Republican leadership team for the Financial Services Committee, is not being honest.

One thing this interaction proved: Your petitions, letters, and phone calls really do matter.

We're working in key districts across the country, and we've gotten tremendous feedback as a result!

When Congress is trying to develop legislation secretively, you know it's because they're afraid of public exposure.

And when the public demands answers and tells them we are watching them, their behavior suddenly changes.

And we most certainly need to change the behavior of Congress on the Central Bank Digital Currency scheme.

If implemented, the cash currency we have now will ultimately be replaced with new programmable digital tokens.

Every "digital dollar" will be programmed by the Federal Reserve and controlled by the government.

That means they will be able to "turn off" your money at will.

Not only that, but they'll be able to TRACK and RECORD every purchase you make.

This has nothing to do with "crypto." In fact, it is the opposite. The government views cryptocurrency as a threat precisely because they can't control it.

They want a currency they can trace at every step.

And if that becomes reality, kiss your financial freedom good-bye.

Communist China has already launched its own CBDC. More than half the countries in the world and almost 90% of central banks are testing or exploring a digital currency right now.

Last February, the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston announced what it called "Project Hamilton" to develop a CBDC.

Then in April, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC), a key part of the infrastructure of American capital markets, announced what it called "Project Lithium," billed as the "industry's first prototype to support digital U.S. currency in the clearing and settlement process as part of the Digital Dollar Project effort."

Call it the "digital dollar," or call it the Biden Buck. I call it trouble and dangerous.

Just exactly what problems will a "digital dollar" solve in the first place?

(Of course, there's a lot wrong with our money. It's no longer backed by anything of value, and the Federal Reserve can steal from its value by simply printing more. But the "digital dollar" doesn't even pretend to remedy this!)

The sole purpose of a Central Bank Digital Currency is to give the government total surveillance and control over you!

How are you spending your money? Buying firearms? "Gas-guzzling" trucks? Donating to freedom-loving organizations like C4L, and supporting patriotic political candidates?

The government wants to profile you and punish you accordingly.

China has already implemented this system, which they call a "social credit score."

Make no mistake, the Biden administration views you as the enemy.

The authoritarians and their elite pals want nothing less than a complete digital ledger of every citizen's entire life.

You don't have to connect many dots to see it.

Please sign your Directive to Congress: Do Not Allow the Fed to Implement Digital Currency!

There's no question the Biden administration is using global chaos to usher in an Orwellian surveillance state. As Joe Biden himself told a class of graduating elites at Columbia University in 2020:

"From this pandemic, you can remake the world as it should be. To see Covid-19 as the force majeure that compels us to rewrite the social contract."

And in their eyes, "as it should be" means a world where your money, your job, and your speech are all under TOTAL government Central Bank control.

In other words, a world where we all work for the state (aka Communism)!

Ultimately all of this is headed to a world where we are enslaved to a few powerful elites with the means to monitor what we do, say, think, have or don't have in our bodies.

The Big Government statists in BOTH parties are fully on board with all of this.

In fact, they all but declared you are a criminal if you want to do something radical like keep your financial life private.

They'll tell you it's no big deal unless you have something to hide.

That's no surprise. The Big Government statists in Congress LOVE this scheme to expand their RAW POWER over your life and liberty.

For them, it's not enough the Fed's "print now, ask questions later" monetary policy helps them pretend they aren't destroying the purchasing power of your money.

They want the ability to spend and spend on every boondoggle and bailout put in front of them, without the "hindrance" of the Fed actually having to print the paper dollars they create out of thin air.

So, don't be fooled by their talking points – they're nothing more than excuses to RAM through adoption of their Central Bank Digital Currency.

And don't trust for one second their assurances about "data privacy safeguards" – there likely won't be a shred of privacy left if this scheme goes through.

Sadly, I'm worried without your action today, there are a handful of elected officials in Congress who should know better who could go along with this scheme if you and I fail to sound the alarm.

So can I count on you to please sign our Directive to Congress to Oppose Any Digital Currency Scheme right away?

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