What to Expect When Congress Returns

Yesterday the House leadership announced that when the House comes back from August recess it will consider a "consolidated" appropriations bill. The bill will contain the 8 appropriation bills that have yet to pass the House.

The idea is to get this bill to the Senate in time to avoid another end of year, big spending budget deal rammed through Congress.

I'm skeptical that this will work. For one thing, passing it through the Senate will require 60 votes and I doubt any Democrat will vote for it since they can get a better deal from Republicans by holding out until December, when GOP leadership is desperate to pass a deal.

The bill is likely to be opposed by some fiscal conservatives as early indications are that the bill will increase spending.

The bill could also be full of policy "riders" added in Committee, on the House floor, or as part of a back room deal. Campaign for Liberty staff is keeping a close eye on the process for any rider worth bringing to your attention.

Right now we are aware of one dangerous rider. Representative Charles Dent of Pennsylvania wants to add a rider to the Commerce, Justice, and State Appropriations bill implementing a federal ban on online gaming.

According to well-placed Capitol Hill sources, Campaign for Liberty members have so far successfully blocked the bill. However, as the appropriations process continues there will be a renewed effort to pass this ban into law. We must keep up the heat.

Campaign for Liberty has learned that the following member of the appropriations committee are listening to their constituents and opposing the Dent Amendment. Campaign for Liberty members in their districts should contact them and tell them to continue opposing any attempt to add the online gaming ban to the end of year appropriations bill:

Rodney Frelinghuysen (NJ-11) 202-235-5034
Harold Rogers (KY-5) 202-225-4601
Kay Granger (TX-12) 202-235-5071
John Culberson (TX-7) 202-225-2571
John Carter (TX-31) 202-225-3864
Tom Cole (OK-4) 202-225-6165
Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-25) 202-225-4211
Tom Graves (GA-14) 202-225-5211
Steve Womack (AR-3) 202-225-4301
Thomas Rooney (FL-17) 202-225-5792
Andy Harris (MD-1) 202-225-5311
Mark Amodei (NV-2) 202-225-6155
Evan Jenkins (WV-3) 202-225-3452
Steven Palazzo (MS-4) 202-225-5772
John Moolenaar (MI-4) 202-226-3561
Scott Taylor (VA-2) 202-225-4215

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