Good news &. . . (maybe) more good news?

Earlier this week, Campaign for Liberty supporters sprung into action the moment we got wind of the plot to ram through renewal of the Deep State’s most abusive spying powers with emergency “must pass” coronavirus spending.

Thanks to good folks like you, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) clearly got the message Americans would not tolerate such a scheme.

What’s more, President Trump signaled again last night he just may be on the same page with most Americans about reining in the Deep State’s domestic spying powers.

In fact, my son Senator Rand Paul reported the President told top Republicans at a White House meeting last night he will oppose any renewal of the so-called “USA Freedom Act” (the crown jewel of Deep State spying), that fails to tackle domestic spying abuse.

We’ll see how this plays out with Deep State apologists twisting his arm.

But there’s no denying our pressure is making an impact.  And I’m more confident than ever this is a fight you and I can ultimately win.

With expiration rapidly approaching on March 15, the battle could grow into an inferno at a moment’s notice over the coming days and Campaign for Liberty must be ready to pour on even more pressure as the fight goes white hot!

And with little more than a week before their most cherished spying powers expire, the statists are desperate to keep the Deep State’s spying powers going as close to full blast as they can.

Of course, Attorney General William Barr is working relentlessly to change the President’s mind.  That’s not surprising, considering Barr pioneered bulk data collection under the first George Bush.

So it’s critical you and I stand ready to show President Trump he’s right to oppose reauthorization of the USA Freedom Act and any other schemes that continue Deep State domestic spying powers they’ve PROVEN they’ll abuse.

Especially with Barr apparently still pressuring Congress for a straight renewal and a cabal of tied-at-the-hip Deep State pals in BOTH parties’ Congressional leadership behind him.

I know from my time on Capitol Hill, right now these Deep State lackeys are racing all over Congress and twisting arms for an extension at the very least or some SHAM REFORM that ensures the Deep State keeps the overwhelming majority of their domestic spying powers.

So it’s critical liberty-loving Americans like you and me stay vigilant.

This may be our best chance ever to strike a death blow against the surveillance state.

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