Inward Crackdown

This is how major domestic crackdowns, roundups, and even civil wars get started.

The Biden administration, fresh off of months of embarrassing defeats to their legislative agenda, is now completely turning inward on the American people to paint them as “enemies of the state.”

Their version of an enemy is someone who has a political opinion that doesn’t line up with their corporate fascist narrative!

Biden even had one of his mouthpieces come out publicly to ask American citizens to snitch on their neighbors for their “extremist views,” and use the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) “See Something, Say Something” reporting procedure to do it.

Biden is even setting up a federal “snitch line” so people can report their “radical” neighbors.

“See Something, Say Something” was started as a way to alert DHS to foreign terrorists attempting to make violent attacks in our country, not to report dissenting opinions.

Sadly -- as I’ve warned for years -- this is the natural progression of the Global War on Terror, and it was only a matter of time before a dangerously rogue administration started to target innocent Americans for their political stance.

The Biden administration is starting to sound completely indistinguishable from their Soviet Russia counterparts . . . or the German Stasi!

Biden has employed the National Security Council (NSC) wing of the White House to paint virtually anyone in this country as a potential “terrorist,” by lumping them in with what are seen as “fringe” groups.

They single out people who fit any of the following categories:

>>People who oppose corporate globalization;>>People who think our government is guilty of overreach;

>>People in opposition to legislative, regulatory, or other actions taken by the government;

>>People who are concerned about single-issue topics, such as the Second Amendment, high taxes, or the right to life.

Former CIA Director John Brennan took it a step further and singled out libertarians as among the people the government should go after.

What is their justification for any of this?

We never see the evidence or examples of why American citizens who have certain political opinions are dangerous.

But reality doesn’t matter to the political class, as long as they can shamelessly promote fear, division, and distrust among Americans.

I have no doubt that once an innocent person is snitched on for their “wrong think” on certain issues, they will then be spied on electronically and targeted for harassment.

The Big Tech tyrants will do the dirty work, just like they’ve been doing for years!

Thankfully, a bill has been introduced in the U.S. Senate to break up the unconstitutional marriage between the Deep State and Big Tech.

“The Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act” (S. 1265) was recently introduced by Senators Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Rand Paul (R-KY), and it should get support on both sides of the aisle.

If this bill passes, any government agency would have to obtain a warrant before they could even attempt to purchase this kind of data.

Sign the petition to demand your U.S. Senators support this bill.

S. 1265 would force agencies like the NSA, CIA, and FBI to actually have to present evidence before they could spy on you.

It couldn’t just be the result of a See Something, Say Something snitch that the Biden administration is attempting to cajole.

The bill contains badly-needed changes to how our data is obtained:

>>> Ensures that intelligence agencies must get a court order before acquiring any American’s location data, web browsing records, and search history.>>> Stops law enforcement and intel agencies from procuring data if it was obtained via deception, hacking, or violations of a contract, privacy policy, or terms of service.

>>> Extends existing privacy laws to infrastructure firms that own data cables & cell towers.

>>> Requires FISA Court review to obtain metadata information about international phone calls, text messages, and emails.

This could not come at a better time as the Deep State and government authoritarians are attempting to further crack down and target innocent Americans on what we say and do online.

And we’re even finding out the U.S. Post Office has been spying on Americans’ activity online! The USPS is over $160 billion in debt, yet they have the time and resources to spy on innocent Americans and their Internet habits?!

They’re trying to turn us into a society where you can be targeted by domestic spies just for hurting the feelings of a major corporation online.

The Biden administration, through the NSC, is adding criticism of corporate globalization to their list of wrong think offenses that your neighbors should snitch on you for, making this development even more alarming!

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time for the defenders of liberty to go on offense and compel our legislators in D.C. to support “The Fourth Amendment is Not for Sale Act,” to push back on these snitches and surveillance bullies!

Sign the petition to demand your U.S. Senators support this bill.

The NSC’s report on the so-called threats to our national security has concluded they are mostly internal now and foreign actors aren’t the big threat anymore:

“This is largely today an inside-out problem, not an outside-in problem,” the official said, though adding that there are adversaries “seeking to sow divisions in our society.”

Certainly, someone is trying to sow division in our society, but the source of it is the Biden administration and the NSC.

They ought to hold up a mirror.

The ultimate goal of those pushing for a crackdown on “domestic terrorism” is to make people unwilling to even consider so-called “radical” ideas — to make people so afraid of certain ideas that they refuse to even give those ideas a fair hearing.

Progressives who are tempted to support what is being promoted as a crackdown on right-wing violence should consider the history of government harassment of progressive movements and leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. What do they think a future right-wing authoritarian would do if given power to go after “ideological extremists”?

All Americans who cherish the Bill of Rights should come together to stop this latest crackdown on liberty.

It’s time to push back on this attempt to push us to the brink of something much worse than we’ve seen, even in the last 18 months of divisive politics.

Sign the petition now!

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