Stop the anti-gunners in D.C.

Most Americans are probably hoping to enjoy some of the last days of summer at the beach, parks, or just hanging out in their backyard grilling hamburgers and playing games with friends and family. . .

But not the gun-grabbers!

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is calling the committee back into session next week -- one week before the official end of the August recess -- for a mark-up of gun control legislation including:

*** H.R. 1236: Provides federal grants to states to bribe them into adopting dangerous “Red Flag” laws. These laws allow police to take away the Second Amendment rights of American citizens without due process;
*** H.R. 1296: Reinstates the Feinstein “Assault Weapons” Ban;*** H.R. 1186: Bans magazines that hold over 10 rounds.

Nadler would not be calling his committee back to D.C. one week early unless House leadership was planning on voting on these gun control measures and more as soon as the full House reconvenes the week of September 10.

If Nadler, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the House anti- Second Amendment caucus succeed in ramming their anti-liberty, anti-Constitution package through the House, they will get a surprisingly favorable reception in the Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the Senate must look at some gun control proposals, and even Ted Cruz appeared to recently embrace "Red Flag" laws.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Republican Pat Toomey and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin have resurrected their “compromise” background check scheme.

The Toomey-Manchin deal would have become law in 2013 if not for pro-liberty activists like you who turned up the heat on Congress. . .

. . . and it could become law this time around -- unless you and I turn up the pressure NOW.

According to Politico, President Trump will soon unveil a gun control proposal containing "Red Flag" laws, expanded background checks, and even giving the government new surveillance powers to crack down on “domestic terrorism.”

And unless you and I take action to stop them, some spineless legislators will support the president’s proposals, because they have been looking for an excuse to support gun control.

They think that having a Republican president who seems to be embracing expanded background checks and "Red Flag" laws will give them cover.

Others might cave because they place party “loyalty” above fidelity to their oath to uphold the Constitution.

While others might falter because they believe grassroots activists won’t want them to oppose President Trump on anything -- even when it violates our individual liberties.

The only way to stop this bipartisan march toward gun control is for patriots like you and me to make our voices heard.

Your U.S. legislators must hear loud and clear that you expect them to oppose all infringements on the Second Amendment no matter who is pushing them.

Mobilizing pro-liberty activists to stop assaults on our liberties is why Dr. Paul founded Campaign for Liberty.

Dr. Paul, myself, and the rest of C4L's staff are right now finalizing our plans to stop this gun control plot.

We will update you in the coming days, but for now, be sure to sign your NO DEALS! NO GUN CONTROL! petition if you haven’t already done so.

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