This week in Congress

The Senate will be spending this week on the nomination and confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may use the "nuclear option" to prevent the Democrats from filibustering the nomination.  For a look at why changing the Senate rules may not be a good idea, see here.

The House is in session Monday through Thursday. Among the legislation the House will consider is H.R. 1343. This bill raises the thresholds for businesses to report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with details regarding shares of stock to their employees. Passage of this bill will thus incentivize employers to award stocks to all their employees, and free employees from nanny state regulations that presume they are incapable of looking out for their own interests.

The House will also consider H.R. 1304, which eliminates some regulations imposed on "self-insurance" plans that are regulated by the federal government.

Another bill under consideration is H.R. 1219, which expands the definition venture capital fund, thus making it easier for the creator of the next Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Overstock, Hula, or Netflix to raise capital.

The House will also consider some bills  under suspension of the rules including:

1. H.R. 479-- Requires the State Department to prepare a report on North Korea's involvement in terrorist acts, and, if State finds North Korea is involved in terrorist acts,  designate them a state sponsor of terrorism. The whereas clauses make it clear that Congress has already made up its mind that North Korea is a state sponsor of terrorism.

2. H.Res 92-- It's go to war with North Korea week (Alan Alda, call your office). This "sense of Congress" condemns North Korea's ballistic missile program and calls on the administration to impose structure economic sanctions on North Korea.

3. H.Res. 54-- Commends Argentina's economic progress and ". . .encourages the Department of State to coordinate an interagency strategy to increase cooperation with the government of Argentina on areas of bilateral, regional, and global concern."

4. H.R. 369-- Permanently extends the "Veteran's Choice Program," which was created to make it easier for veterans to seek medial care outside of the Veteran's Administration system.


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