Will Governor Abbot Sign The Constitutional Carry Bill?

Thanks to the hard work of thousands of Texas Liberty activists and gun rights advocates Texas is only one step away from being the 21st constitutional carry state! Make no mistake, without Texas voters like you stepping up to make the calls and emails to demand passage of HB1927 it never would have gotten out of the Texas Legislature. For several sessions the special interests, anti gunners and weak kneed Republican leadership in Austin made sure this bill died over and over again.

This year was different. Immense public pressure on Lt. Governor Dan Patrick got him to switch his position from "we don't have the votes" to pushing the bill through a conference committee in record time despite efforts to add bad amendments designed to kill the bill.

The last step before HB1927 becomes law on Sept. 1, 2021 is for Governor Greg Abbott to sign the bill into law. It has already passed the House and Senate and has now been waiting on his desk to sign for days. The governor has said he would sign the bill if it got to him but anything could happen. Right now special interests and the anti gun rights groups have launched a massive campaign effort to get the governor to break his word and veto the bill. I will be honest, I don't think that will happen but we have to be sure. We didn't come this far to take any chances. We still need you one more time to help us push Constitutional Carry over the finish line. Will you pitch in and make one more call to make sure we win?

Please contact Governor Abbott's office and tell him we expect him to keep his promise to sign HB1927 into law and to do so without any delays. Give his office a call at 512-463-2000 before you forget!

Texas Campaign For Liberty will continue to give you updates as the bill advances.

In Liberty,
Byron Schirmbeck
State Coordinator
Texas Campaign For Liberty

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