Will these Texas Republican Senators Kill Constitutional Carry?

This could be the year Constitutional Carry passes the Texas legislature!

Imagine not having to ask for a government permission slip to carry a weapon you legally own!

The right to bear arms is one of our most basic and cherished rights. There are currently 20 states that have passed Constitutional Carry, with more on the way.

Texas is behind the curve on gun rights.

In an historic move, the Texas House of Representatives has passed HB 1927, which would make Texas a Constitutional Carry state. The bill even passed on a bipartisan vote!

Even Governor Greg Abbott has committed to signing the bill if it gets to his desk.

And Lt. Governor Dan Patrick recently reversed course after saying he didn't have the votes for it to pass and now says he will let it have a vote on the floor of the Senate.

Constitutional Carry could come up for a vote in the Texas Senate at any time, so with all of this good news why are we still worried?

Many Second Amendment-loving Texas Senators have signaled publicly that they will vote for Constitutional Carry to restore gun rights in Texas.

Unfortunately, not all Republican Senators have committed to vote for the bill, and some have been openly hostile to Constitutional Carry despite it being a legislative priority of the Texas Republican Party!

This is where we need your help.

Without everyone pitching in to push the Constitutional Carry bill through the Texas Senate, all this work and progress could be for nothing.

So please contact Lt. Governor Patrick and all of the Senators below who refuse to go on the record with their position on HB 1927.

Tell them you will be watching their vote and demand they vote for and support HB 1927, the Texas Constitutional Carry bill, at every chance they get with no poison pill amendments.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick -- (512) 463-0001

Sen. Robert Nichols -- (512) 463-0103

Sen. Kel Seliger -- (512) 463-0131

Sen. Jane Nelson -- (512) 463-0112

Sen. Paul Bettencourt -- (512) 463-0107

Sen. Joan Huffman -- (512) 463-0117

Sen. Larry Taylor -- (512) 463-0111

Without all of us pitching in to let these weak-kneed Texas Senators know we are watching their votes very carefully and demanding our Texas gun rights be restored, they may succeed in sinking all of the progress that has taken us years to get to.

Please contact each Texas Senator on the list above and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and let them know you expect them to vote for HB 1927, the Texas Constitutional Carry bill.

Then, please sign our Constitutional Carry petition here and show your support for this important step forward in reclaiming our right to carry.

In Liberty,

Byron Schirmbeck
State Coordinator
Texas Campaign for Liberty

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