Despite the Snow, Audit the Fed is Good to Go!

C4L President John Tate received an update from VP of Policy Norm Singleton on Audit the Fed earlier, and Senator Rand Paul will indeed be introducing the Senate companion to H.R. 24 today.

While the list isn't publicly available yet, insiders indicate the Senate version of Audit the Fed will be introduced with the most original cosponsors the bill has ever had.

This is exciting news, as momentum is building on the bill and this Congress presents the best opportunity yet to PASS Audit the Fed and send it to the President's desk!

Be sure to sign your Audit the Fed petition today and we'll make sure it gets to your representative and senators. Then, if you're able, please chip in just $5 or $10 to help fund our "Moment of Truth Money Bomb!"

Our staff is anxiously waiting to pull the trigger on our hard hitting Audit the Fed action plan, but it's vital we have the resources necessary to fund the full program.

Campaign for Liberty relies on the voluntary contributions of our generous supporters, and unlike the Fed, we can't just print money out of thin air.

As John Tate wrote earlier today,

If C4L doesn’t have the resources to run our most hard-hitting program possible, the powerful special interests we’re up against could succeed in either killing the bill outright or passing some meaningless “compromise” legislation.

I hope that doesn't happen.

That's why it's vital you sign your petition and make your most generous contribution to the "Moment of Truth Money Bomb" today!

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