The End

S. 36, a bill applying for an Article V Convention, could be rammed through the North Carolina House in the closing days of session.

If S. 36 passes, all of your rights would be open to revision -- or worse. In fact, it could spell the end of the U.S. Constitution as we know it.

Free speech, gun ownership, and other constitutionally protected rights could be lost forever.

Because an Article V Convention has never been attempted, none of the self-proclaimed “experts” behind this effort know what will happen if they get their way.

And the truth is, well-financed, powerful lobbyists and establishment insiders from the left and right will be able to use their power and influence to direct the entire process.

I’m afraid if you don’t take action immediately, they just might win.

That’s why it’s so important you contact your state representative today, and demand they vote NO on S. 36.

Click here for contact information.

Establishment politicians from both parties at the state and national levels have been incrementally dismantling your rights for decades upon decades.

An Article V Convention would allow them to lay waste to all of your rights in one single, devastating action.

Sadly, some well-meaning North Carolinians have been misled into believing a ConCon will help create new “limits” on the federal government.

And many believe a constitutional convention can be limited to certain types or categories of changes.

But that simply is not true. Article V itself does not back up any assertions that a convention can be limited -- and noted constitutional scholars agree.

The Constitution itself doesn’t place limits or restrictions on subject matter, spell out the convention process, or determine how delegates should be chosen.

But that’s not all.

The risk of a “runaway convention” is extreme -– especially in today’s political climate.

Just think about America’s own history. . .

Our Founding Fathers met in Philadelphia with instructions to fix issues with the Articles of Confederation. The delegates from those 13 states couldn’t agree, and we ended up with a whole new Constitution.

That’s right, once the convention was convened, the instructions were thrown out the window.

We were extremely blessed that most of those at the convention favored limited government. But there are few true advocates of limited government alive today that would be invited to an Article V ConCon.

That’s why it’s so important you contact your state representative right away.

The group supporting S. 36 -- Convention of States Project -- points out on its own website that if a convention is called. . .

. . . the convention of states itself would determine which ideas deserve serious consideration. . .

Of course, they fail to point out that literally hundreds of progressive organizations, such as Wolf PAC, Sierra Club, Code Pink, Alliance for Progressive Values, MoveOn, and “Occupy” have been pushing for a convention since 2009!

Many of them want to limit your political speech rights protected by the First Amendment.

Others want to do away with the Second Amendment entirely.

But it gets worse.

Activists from the political left and right are working together to force these bills through across the country.

Former Barack Obama campaign advisor Lawrence Lessig -- who supports the efforts of BOTH Wolf PAC and Convention of States Project -- said the following about a ConCon:

The beauty of a convention is that it would provide a forum of possibility for conservative Tea Party types . . . as well as progressives.

“The only requirement is that two-thirds of the states apply, and then begins the drama of an unscripted national convention to debate questions of fundamental law. It would be a grand circus of democracy at its best.

A “grand circus” indeed!

Do you trust the hundreds of progressive organizations calling for an Article V Convention to do the right thing and rein in the federal government?

Do you trust the powerful special interests, backed by George Soros and his ilk, to do the right thing?

Just imagine what will happen at a convention being held to manipulate the U.S. Constitution, with BOTH Republican and Democrat establishment and hundreds of progressive, George Soros-types pulling the strings.

A convention is extremely dangerous -- especially today!

So please contact your state representative at once, and demand they vote “NO” on S. 36.

Then, be sure to ask your contacts in North Carolina to take action as well.

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