Texas C4L Candidate Survey Project is Complete!

Texas Campaign For Liberty has finished our candidate survey project. We asked Texas politicians where they stand on important issues with questions like; "Will you oppose all tax and fee increases and work to cut taxes and spending instead?" and [...]

The Power of Non-Compliance - Just Ask a 16 Year Old

You know what they say - big things come in little packages. Just ask Andy Smith, Grace Smith's dad. If you have been following Wyoming news, you may have heard of Grace Smith, the 16-year-old Laramie High School student who was [...]

Texas is the next Constitutional Carry State!

With the Constitutional Carry Bill finally signed into law thousands of Texas C4L members like you have seen a victory for Liberty from all of our efforts over the past several years. On September 1, 2021 the law will go into effect and it will [...]

Will Governor Abbot Sign The Constitutional Carry Bill?

Thanks to the hard work of thousands of Texas Liberty activists and gun rights advocates Texas is only one step away from being the 21st constitutional carry state! Make no mistake, without Texas voters like you stepping up to make the calls and [...]

Is Dan Patrick Trying to Kill Constitutional Carry?

For the first time, Constitutional Carry went to a floor vote in the Texas house and passed! If this bill becomes law Texans will no longer have to beg for a permission slip from the government to exercise their most basic right to defend [...]


The 2022 Texas primary is now just weeks away. And the threat of a bunch of swamp-dwelling, authoritarian politicians continuing to infest government at all levels is hard to overstate. . . Just consider how your liberty has been under [...]

HB1927 Permitless Carry Bill starts Sept 1!

Thanks to the hard work of Texas C4L, several other gun rights groups and mostly due to voters and supporters like you Texas passed HB1927 which allows the lawful carry of a legally possessed firearm without a government permit. This is a big [...]

Ohio Ends Sales Taxes on Precious Metals

Congratulations to our Ohio Campaign for Liberty grassroots supporters who helped push the bill ending sales taxation on gold, silver, and other precious metals across the finish line! Since money itself is not taxed, it only stands to reason [...]

Will these Texas Republican Senators Kill Constitutional Carry?

This could be the year Constitutional Carry passes the Texas legislature! Imagine not having to ask for a government permission slip to carry a weapon you legally own! The right to bear arms is one of our most basic and cherished rights. [...]

Constitutional Carry Hearing Tomorrow 3/25/21!

Dear friend in Liberty, You know as well as I do that "shall not be infringed" means something. It means we shouldn't have to beg the government for a permission slip for our right to defend ourselves or loved ones. Unfortunately, that's how [...]