Rand Paul: Lynch lacks "Compassion for Victims of Civil Asset Forfeiture"

Speaking to Breibart news, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul explained why he is joining Campaign for Liberty in opposing Loretta Lynch's nomination to be Attorney General:

“I oppose her primarily because I don’t think she’s shown any compassion, or understanding of the law, but particularly compassion for people who are victims of civil forfeiture. People who are victims of civil forfeiture are often poor, African American or Hispanic, and people who can’t afford an attorney to try to get the money that’s taken from them by the government,” Paul said.

Currently under civil forfeiture, they can take your money with only an accusation not even a charge or conviction—and you know what she did in New York recently? She confiscated over $100 million. They did pass a reform several years ago that once the paperwork is filed, and there’s a certain period of time, then it starts the judicial process .

To avoid that, she would take the money but never file the paperwork. The money just sat in limbo and people couldn’t even begin the trial to get their money back—it just sat there. What they do then is they threaten the people and say “we’ll give you half of it back if you’ll absolve of us of any blame.”

Read the whole thing here.

At this writing, the Senate has not yet taken up Lynch’s nomination; however, it could begin debate at any time so if you have not yet done so please sign the Vote No on Lynch petition today!


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