Will they silence you in Arkansas?

I previously sent you a warning that an “ethics reform” scam was afoot in Arkansas, and it has been confirmed.

A dangerous initiative has been proposed for the November ballot.

The measure, called “The Campaign Finance Act of 2016,” would instruct the Arkansas Congressional Delegation to support an amendment to the United States Constitution that would reverse the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling!

That would mean banning “electioneering communications” in the 30 days before a presidential primary and in the 60 days before the general elections.

In other words, if this initiative passed, the law would secure the power of the political class by ensuring the voters cannot learn of a politician’s voting record on liberty issues.

This dangerous ballot initiative is designed to undermine the kind of work you and I have done exposing corruption and conflicts of interest and holding legislators accountable.

It is designed to shut you up!

So-called “ethics reform” laws have already silenced grassroots activists in Montana, and several other states are considering such bills attacking our First Amendment rights to free speech at this moment.

Click here to help make sure this so-called “ethics reform” scam doesn’t make it on the November ballot.

Any attempt to impede your free speech or ability to donate to any organization will not be tolerated.

Our right to free speech is especially important around election time.

Numerous court decisions over the last century have confirmed and reconfirmed that your political speech is protected from regulation.

In fact, any casual student of history knows the very purpose of the First Amendment is to protect POLITICAL speech that criticizes and exposes politicians.

Politicians have no right to protection from criticism.


Yet, that’s what these so-called “ethics reform” bills and initiatives are attempting to do.

And that’s what we must stop!

Sign up here, then forward this message to your family and friends and ask them to sign.

Help end this attack on your free speech.

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