Tell South Dakota Legislators to oppose the con!

I am writing to you today about an issue of grave concern to me . . . an issue that could set the liberty movement and our country back decades or worse. Campaign for Liberty told you recently about dangerous bills applying for an Article V [...]

Yours For the Taking

The 2016 elections will soon -- thankfully -- come to an end. But what will happen to your liberty after the newly elected are sworn in? Regardless of the outcome for the candidates in your area, you can most certainly count on the [...]

Will they silence you in South Dakota?

I previously sent you a warning that an “ethics reform” scam was afoot, and it has been confirmed. A dangerous initiative has been approved for the November ballot. Measure 22, the so-called “South Dakota Government Accountability and [...]

Stop SD ObamaCare Expansion

You are paying the health insurance bills for 97% of Obama’s “newly insured.” And if Governor Daugaard gets his way, you’ll be paying for even more. ObamaCare stooges swore their scheme would bring prices down, since “everyone [...]

Oppose the Con in South Dakota

I’m afraid I have some bad news to report. The South Dakota state legislature is being targeted by powerful, well-financed insiders, who are determined to “revise” the U.S. Constitution at an Article V Constitutional Convention. I [...]

Special Session for ObamaCare?

Governor Daugaard is so determined to force ObamaCare expansion on you, he’s seriously contemplating a special legislative session to make it happen. He couldn’t muster enough ObamaCare support from Republicans to force his plan through [...]

Stop MORE Taxes Coming Your Way

In 2016, we face the threat of more and more taxes. Internet sales tax bill S.B. 106 is coming up for a hearing and will shortly be on its way to the Senate floor for a vote. Online sales taxes would impose high costs of compliance on [...]