Will TSA force you to be nuked...or will it let you fly at all?

It seems hard to believe that the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) could be even more tyrannical, after all this is the agency that once stole a stuffed animal from a girl in a wheelchair and made her cry "I don't want to go to Disney World."

But never underestimate the ability of bureaucrats to find new ways to take way our liberty. Just before Christmas, TSA announced that new rules allowing TSA agents to force individual who have requested a pat-down to go through the infamous "porno scanners." The rule,which is being implemented without allowing the people the opportunity for notice and comment, provides for forcing passengers to go through the scanners ".....warranted by security considerations in order to safeguard transportation security.”

This may seem like a tremendous grant of discretion to TSA Agents, but Americans should not worry. After all, its not like TSA agents have ever abused their powers...oh wait.

Daniel McAdams at RPI has some must-read  commentary on this new rule, as well a video of a great speech  from Campaign for Liberty Chairman Ron Paul disusing legislation he introduced while in Congress that would have made TSA subject to assault laws.

Read Daniel's piece and watch the video here.

Also at RPI, Adam Dick has a piece on another way TSA is planning to assault our liberties: refusing to accept Driver's licenses form states that have refused to comply with the "Real ID" law. Real ID is a set of federal standards for state driver's licenses.

If you are think that the  Real ID is unconstitutional and that turning drivers licenses into de facto National ID cards, you are correct. This is why a majority of states have refused to comply with the REAL ID scheme.

Read Adam's piece here, which also contains a video of Dr. Paul laying out the case against the REAL ID.


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